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cannabis Merchant processing    

Debit and Credit Card Processing


Qanna Solutions is a debit and credit merchant payment processing provider for cannabis and CBD companies. Stable cannabis and CBD payment processing solutions are vital to your business' growth and success. We're here to provide higher-risk industries with e-commerce and retail debit and credit card merchant payment processing when others won't.


We offer years of combined experience in the cannabis and payment processing space and have partnered with reliable banking and processing solutions to ensure your merchant account runs smoothly and uninterrupted to the best of our ability. 

Until cannabis is federally legal no processing is 100% certain, but we've found our processing methods are the most reliable, compliant, and steady solutions in the cannabis business. We operate for the long term and plan for the long term when working with you.


Ready to get started on your merchant account?

For your customers, it's as simple as buying a cup of coffee.


On-site Installation

In-person or on the phone, our experienced professionals will get you started on the right track ensuring your cannabis merchant account is installed and integrated correctly. Once your account is approved we will reach out to schedule this integration making sure your accounts and environment are secure, stable, and running smoothly. 

Merchant ACcount TRaining

Once installed, we provide initial on-site and ongoing training to you and your team so you're comfortable with your merchant account and can operate the system proficiently. Your complete understanding and comfort with the solutions is our goal.


Qanna Solutions provides around-the-clock technical and customer support to avoid any disruptions in your business operations. We understand processing payments is vital to your business and our experienced support team is on standby should there be any issues.



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